A Liquid Memory

Water, Sui (water in Chinese), or Mizu (water in Japanese)–we came up with a sound for it. The words themselves are inert. But it gets really intriguing when we use that same system of symbols to communicate all the abstract and intangible things that we are experiencing. As I drank the memory of the water glass from the café in New York, the symbol of the water glass blended in with the things I was seeing in Kyoto. And before long, the melancholy of New York and the enchantment of Kyoto merged into a single unspeakable emotion. As a designer, I wanted to visualize this emotion.

How to bottle the liquid memory of Kyoto? What scent captures these emotions? And what shape should the bottle be?

I have a chronic attraction to problems to be solved, and it is the most fun part of being a designer.

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