Kyoto in Colors

In Kyoto, I noticed that I associated colors with some of the things I think about:

To wash my hair, take my bath, and put on a scented yukata is lavender purple in a sunny field.

To take a stroll around Kennin-ji at midnight is hazelnut brown with an enchanting quietude.

To wait under the latticed roof for the sun shower to stop is gold mixed with a rainbow color.

To sleep in a tatami room where some pure and clean incense has been burnt is sage green in the moonlight.

To listen to the sound of cicada on the veranda in the temple where I lodged is white of nothingness.


  1. Der Della...you made me dream today!! Wonderful pieces of dream for someone living in such a gray city as myself!!!

    TKS for sharing!

  2. Have you been to Kyoto? Really, once in your life time. Visiting Kyoto for its spring sakura (cherry) blossoms; summer for its mutsuri (festivals); fall for its red maples and yellow ginkgo; winter for its hot spring bath. Voila.