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The First Issue at OK! 創刊號

May 1st was the date of a happy festival dedicated to Flora, the goddess of flowers and of spring. It also marked the very first issue of my new fragrance column at OK!, a celebrity and lifestyle magazine in China.

For each issue I will choose a fragrance to express the creative connection between fragrance and style, each time focused a different celebrity who would reflect a particular aesthetic value and inspiration for the fragrance. With a bit of educational flair added, I hope to share with the reader the knowledge to select the right fragrance for their own personalities and occasions.

I apologize for not updating my blog on a more regular basis, but at least I can refer my Chinese readers to my fragrance column every other week...

在歐洲,5月1日是一個獻給春天與花卉女神 Flora 的快樂節日。它同時也標誌著我在中國名人時尚雜誌 OK! 書寫香水專欄的開始!



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