what I'm doing in 2014 (2014年,我要做的事)

summer 2013 in Tuscana, Italy

January 23rd to March 15th, 2014 in Macau
I’m honored to participate in an exhibit sponsored by T Galleria, DFS.
As one of the three featured artists, I’m presenting a scented art installation (in collaboration with perfumer Christopher Laudamiel).

I keep tackling interesting 2D, 3D, and digital design projects across three continents. I work with my European and Chinese clients in the morning and with American clients in the afternoon. (As I don’t currently have any Australian clients, at night I get to sleep) Despite the intense schedule, I’m having fun as long as the projects are interesting and rewarding.

February 2014 in China
Besides continuing my lifestyle column for Guanzhou Daily News, I’m also starting a new perfume column for Harper’s Bazaar China. A monthly reminiscence paired with my colored pencil drawing, the new column provides an east-west perspective on the art of perfume to the Chinese reader.

Spring 2014 in China
My third book KyotEau: Bottled Memories (English + Simplified Chinese edition) will be launched in spring. This new edition features additional articles about my sensory experiences in Kyoto, and I hope it will convey even more of the flavors of my beloved city to the reader.

The origins of inspiration are diverse but unpredictable. I keep exploring with curiosity, time permitting, through travel, people, food, and wine. A particular focus is learning more about the wines of Italy, and about food pairing.



我很榮幸能夠受邀參加T Galleria, DFS主辦的藝術展覽。作為受邀的三位藝術家之一,我將以抽像的香味呈現一個有形的裝置藝術(與法國調香師克里斯托弗·勞德美合作)。

我的工作室將持續跨越三大洲,挑戰有趣的2D ,3D和電子媒體的設計項目。當然, 我的工作行程也一如往常:上午與歐洲和中國的客戶開會溝通;下午則與美國客戶溝通開會(還好目前沒有澳洲的客戶,所以晚上我可以舒服地睡個覺)。儘管有時忙得透不過氣,但只要設計案子有趣,我還是對忙碌的生活甘之如貽。





我的第三本書《京都: 瓶裝記憶》(英文+簡體中國版)將在春季推出。新的版本添加了更多有關京都體驗的感官新文与插画,讓我更完整的傳達我對这个心愛城市的感受。


靈感的來源是多種多樣且不可預知的。如果時間允許, 我會用一顆好奇的心,經由旅行,人物,料理和葡萄酒,來探索這個大千世界。在此特別強調的是,我將持續花更多的時間來了解義大利的葡萄酒以及有關美酒與食物的搭配藝術。

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