The Graphics of Finland III: Think of The American Artist Ed Ruscha 芬蘭的圖像之三

I am a designer, who photographs a bit.

I like to stroll down on the side-streets of everyday searching for the awareness of real life. I take things as I find them.

In this photo, the industrial complexes reminds me of Ed Ruscha, the American artist who is well-known for his strongly graphic work, such as the most iconic of American typographic expressions, the landmark, and once-temporary-now-permanent HOLLYWOOD sign that symbolizes his hometown to the rest of world.

Of course, there is no trace showing Ruscha's trademarked Americanism message in this photo. But on my first glance of this Finnish landscape, the faceless buildings, the endless gray sky, the flock of crows, the energy towers, and the smoky chimneys stand for anonymity, in the tradition of Ed Ruscha's "neuter gender" Black & White photography created between 1961 and 2001.

Like Ruscha's work, this photo is not something pregnant with meaning, but rather a documentary of my Finnish experience in a visionary manner.

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