Lilacs With No Scent 沒有香氛的丁香

I'm kind of blue today.

My tooth, after ten days of treatment, is still hurting me slightly.

I just found out that, from the outdated New York Times, I missed the concert of Atoms for Peace, a side project that is led by Radiohead's main singer Thom Yorke.

Moreover, the French lilacs that I bought two days ago are still too shy to release their fragrance.

Oh well, according to popular wisdom, you can't have everything, and there's a good deal of truth in that, the balance of human lives is constantly swinging back and forth between what's gained and what's lost. 

Without the scent of lilacs, it's still nice to play Atoms for Peace's music and let Thom Yorke's beautiful voice fill my room.



從過期的紐約時報中得知我竟然錯失了電台總司令的主唱Thom Yorke所領導的Atoms for Peace樂團的音樂會;


嗯, 就這樣囉。“你不能擁有一切”的致理名言在某些程度上來說還是有它的道理:平衡的人生經常是在得失之間搖擺的。


  1. Beautiful flowers - I hope that they smell lovely when they do open!

  2. Thank you, SignatureScent. I like the smell of lilacs because it reminds me of the springtime of my beloved country–––Switzerland. Lilacs with no scent...I hope it's only the matter of my stuffy nose :-)