The Art of Waiting 等待的藝術

Design is a PROCESS and so is waiting. Both of them take time and require strength, believe, and perseverance. Although I’m an untiring advocate of PROCESS, I admit that I rather spending time to get the exact color, appropriate shape, and perfect composition for my design work than twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the feedbacks from the design clients, the publishers, and the gallerists.

A silly thought: won’t it be nice to just “click” a button and get an immediate result?

These days, as my world goes faster and faster it becomes harder and harder to slow myself down and allow patience for processes that just take time.  Alas, “The Art of Waiting” has been gradually lost on me.

Waiting can be a torture, but I must know, some things just take good “old-fashioned” time...

設計和等待是過程的一體兩面, 同時需要時間,精力,信仰,以及堅持的考驗。雖然我是個過程的擁護著,但是我倒寧願花功夫在設計作品上以找出精準的顏色,適切的形狀, 以及完美的構圖,而不是扭轉我的大姆指癡癡地等待設計客戶,出版社,或是畫廊業主的關注。




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