The Island of Calm in the Caribbeans

As the year of 2010 was approaching to its end, I decided to take a truly luxurious break---be mysterious, unavailable, and unapproachable to the world for a while. Therefore, I joined my sail-loving friends and rented a monohull sailboat in Guadeloupe, the first overseas region of France. Sailing from here to its sisters Les Saintes, and Marie Galante, and then to the English-speaking country Antiqua, we bathed under the Caribbean sun and breathed in the smells of big blue ocean.

Imagined the sailboat Moonlight as my own island of calm, I indulged my senses, and experienced the wonder of the Caribbean islands. And of course, I also managed to preserve a healthy tan to get through the snowy winter in New York and Europe.

In the next few days, please expect to read the articles about my travel highlights in the Caribbeans.


  1. Okay, I'm officially green with jealousy! That looks like it was an amazingly beautiful and relaxing vacation.

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  3. Ha, Ha:-). It was truly a wonderful vacation, and now I have to ski in the Alps so that my tan can stay...Ai Ya Ya, what a tough life I have :-))))