My Luck of Being Seasick

While sailing from Les Saintes to Antiqua, I was feeling nauseous with the violent waves pounding the boat, some slamming up against the side and over and into the cockpit. To reduce the chances of succumbing to seasickness, I followed our skipper's tips–––drank a lot of water, avoided empty stomach, and lay down on deck.

It was a long trip, and I needed to find some fun to keep busy instead of lying immobile and feeling sick and useless. I started to take random pictures, from an unusual angle, to the beautiful sky, the drifting clouds, the birds flying by, the busy crew members, etc.

Some of the photos turned out to be unexpected and interesting. And I was extremely happy to catch the moment while our reliable skipper was checking the sails. This photo was surely my luck of being seasick.

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