What makes me feel happy? 什麽是讓我快樂的事情?

Outside, the swirling clouds on the top of the Alps were clearing away. Inside the study, I finally finished the design project from hell.

To clear up my tired mind and to release the tension held in my neck and shoulders, I’d try some tips to have my endorphin fix –––

1.Take a long walk in a green park.

2. Enjoy a cup of Taiwanese tea while listening to Bach’s music.

3. Take a lavender relaxing bath.

4. Sniff some citrus (fresh lemons and limes from the kitchen).

5. Have a good laugh from watching my favorite cartoons, i.e, Chibi Maruko-chan (櫻桃小丸子, ちびまる子ちゃん)and The Simpsons.
But what works the best for me is to enjoy a creative, full-flavored meal with fresh ingredients.

I like food. When I eat I feel happy.


為了清理我疲乏腦袋的思絡、解脫我的脖子和肩膀上暫掛的緊張,我會試著用不同的方式來調理我的身心靈 –––



三 、泡著有薰衣草味道的鬆弛浴。

四、聞聞柑橘科類的植物 (如廚房裡的新鮮檸檬)


不過話說回來, 對我最有用的偏方卻是享用一頓帶有創意、風味十足的新鮮膳食。


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