"The Story of a Perfume" at 2011 IDA Congress 世界設計大會展覽–––香水記事

Sketched in the studio
十月份除了參與 SephoraFirmenich 在紐約所舉辦香水知覺設計聯展外,我也榮幸地能夠回台共襄2011世界國際設計大會 (International Design Alliance) 的展覽盛舉。

刻意避開閃亮晶瑩的香水瓶及攝人魂魄的廣告陳列,此次展覽將以”說故事” 的方式來介紹香水設計的醞釀過程。在芬芳的氛圍中,訪客將從香水瓶設計草圖與創意槪念看板中體驗出視覺、嗅覺和聽覺之間的創意聯想。


人人皆是造物者。如果我們學會發揮個人的想像力並設身處地地去了解每件事物背後的“創造想法”及“過程”, 那麽我們的生活將會更美好。至少,我是這麽想的...

Apart from Sensorium exhibition by Sephora and Firmenich in New York, I’ll participate in the design expo at International Design Alliance (IDA) World Congress, the most authoritative international design event of the world. Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is appointed as the host of IDA Congress in 2011.

Eschewing polished perfume bottles and slick advertisements, my exhibition showcases the creative process of perfume design through a story of an Asian girl. The audience will experience the creative connections between the themes of "visual", "scent", and "music", and how they fuse into a set of perfume bottle sketches and concept boards.

The creativity of perfumes is a quality that is highly valued, but not always well understood. Using more spontaneous, expressive, and less inhibited ways to present a perfume idea, I hope the audience would appreciate the beauty of the creative process of all design principles.

Everything is created by somebody. If one could learn to imagine, in any given thing, the “creator’s thoughts” and the “process”, it might lead to a better life. At least, that’s what I think...

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