My favorite perfumes to wear on Xmas holidays 聖誕佳節想”穿“的香水

關了工作室全心準備過聖誕假期,列點聖誕禮物的購物清單時,居然想著Xmas假期想用的香水…… 你呢?會”穿“那一款香水來展現個人的風格品味?



Kiehl’s Orange Flower & Lychee: 澄澈的美麗


Comme de Garcons的Amazingreen 海洋氣味的綠色矛盾


Bottega Venett的葆蝶家粉紅胡椒和感性皮革的氣味有如皮革裝訂的詩集



不過,既然我是在瑞士與家人共度詳合的平安夜,那麽可能就選擇清新安靜的Kiehl’s古龍水,讓那淡淡的橙花與甜甜的荔枝果香在"Silent Night"的聖歌中彌漫著幸福的笑聲。

I closed my design studio for the next few days to do the Xmas gift shopping. While shopping for my loved ones, I was thinking about what perfumes I should wear to further embrace the ambiance of Xmas holidays. Clearly, the holidays are a time for looking pretty and smelling glam. 

I'm presenting a list of my favorite perfumes on the holidays:

The simplicity  

Kiehl's Orange Flower & Lychee for its transparent beauty 


The charismatic paradox 

Comme de Garcons Amazingreen Eau de Parfum for its color of green with an aquatic scent of paradox 

The artsy, bohemian flare

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum for its scents of pink pepper and sensual leather like a leather-bound poetry book

The Urban Romance 

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum for its warmth of airy cotton candy like drinking a cup of caramel-drizzled hot chocolate by a fire place

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