the smell of Sartre's nothingness 薩特的虛無氣味

During Xmas and New Year period, I yearn for staying at home and doing nothing. I don’t check my messages, I keep my phone away at most times, and when it’s with me I only reply to the curator who is busy orchestrating an exhibition that I’ll be participating in Macau on January, 2014.

With the cozy fireplace lit, I light up an Assouline’s Books candle, pick out Elisabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things, make some green tea, slump onto the couch, and read in the solitude of my own time, space, and mood. 

I know by doing so I can smell Sartre’s nothingness floating in the air––– a fresh and clean scent like L'eau Serge Lutens. It's a smell of simplicity and freedom that is often hard to come by in my hustle and bustle lifestyle.



盧丹詩之水」(L'Eau Serge Lutens)純粹乾淨。我認為,簡單和自由的味道,有時很難在我的喧囂生活中聞出。

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