Call Me Dotty. 叫我古怪。

The not typical fashion designer Sir Paul Smith doesn't like to mix with people working in the fashion industry. With the same mindset, I don’t enjoy going to any of the parties and private views, and pandering to the press all the time like a real typical fashion person does in New York.

I am not a hardcore hermit, but I hardly watch television (I just threw away my 15-year-old TV) and I don't read newspapers and magazines much. I am just the person who relishes the time of being one's true self, and finds it extremely exhilarating to be able to talk to cows, horses, and sheep as one's wish in the Swiss mountains.

When a city person like me feels at ease surrounded by the Swiss nature, every sensation of pleasure is enormously intensified, and several episodes from my hiking journeys have remained fresh in my memory.

A frequent and always wonderful sight was the astonishing number of cow that I passed on in the Jura mountains. They were usually in groups, often with babies alongside, and they never ceased to enthral me. I often amazed myself by the way I behaved when I was certain that there were no other human beings within fifty miles. All my inhabitation would suddenly disappear and I would walk cheerfully towards them shouting, "Hello, cows! Hello! Hello! How are you doing today?" The cows would tilt their heads very slightly with demure yet curious expressions but never ran away.

I could stay in cool lounges and hang out with fashion people–but I am more fascinated by having a joyful "conversation" with animals, that sorts of things that interest Sir Paul Smith, who refers his large brown cuddly monkey as 'the office manager' in his office.

I am often described as "dotty" by my friends in New York. But I take it as a compliment.


Back in Downtown New York! 再回紐約下城!

It is so good to be back to New York! Even though I have spent most of my time in Europe since last year, I embrace New York and see it as my dearly hometown.

Strolling down the streets, I noticed that there are at least ten retail stores are gone due to the downturn of economy in NoLita (North of Little Italy). Large "ON SALE" signs in different colors, shapes, and materials are posted on the windows of shops. The streets are crowded with beautiful people, but they seem to be enjoying the lovely summer breeze better than the fragrant air in fashion boutiques.

The recession is still lingering on. And the scent of recession to me is – beet.