In the Mood for Rain

The raindrops on the windows in my New York apartment were like strings of pearls. Eyeing them in a melancholic mood, I suddenly thought of the unusual, endless rain in California where I just visited last week.

The raindrops also reminded me of the rain in the cities where I have visited:
The rain in Kyoto. 
The rain in Hanoi. 
The rain in Paris. 
The rain in Stockholm. 
The rain in Taipei.
The rain in Lausanne.
The rain in Dublin.
The rain in Hong Kong. 
The rain in Lisboa.
Et cetra, Et cetra.

To me, the rain of each city has its own tactile sensation. Take Lisboa as an example: it smells like green olive trees swaying in the breeze and the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean rolling in. 

Photo by Della Chuang, Lisboa.


In the Mood for Light

In Helsinki, light is the sensation of sea breezes and clear crystals, pure and crisp with a hint of birch dancing with violet, mandarin, and cardamom.

By the way, don't you think this image look like a window display by Van Cleef & Arpels, a French jewelry company renowned for its nature-inspired design?


Photo by Della Chuang, Finland


Taste the Rainbow in the Alps

 After sipping a few glasses of white and red wine, Della's photos were getting blurry and blurry.

We had an unforgetful New Year Eve dinner at Gasthaus Speiserestaurant in the Swiss Alps.

The eight-course meal, created by the talented chef Friedrich Zemanek, resembled a GESAMTKUNSTWERK, addressed to all the senses and  was served by all sorts of auxiliary arts relating to the flower arrangements, the dinnerware and the cutlery, and the visual presentation of the edible. As for the food itself, it completely aroused our appetite s through its colors, smell, consistency and even sound (e.g. crispy aliments).

Though it was a cold starry night, the taste of the food brought us joy --- like a warm and colorful rainbow in the blue sky.

I am passing the warmest regards to you from the chef Zemanek --- Happy New Year.