Watch People Watching 觀看觀眾

I am standing somewhere in the stuffy “Talk To Me” exhibition room in MoMA. Too tired to focus my attention on nearly 200 objects, all centered on interaction, and emphasized how the need to share information and have a dialogue with audiences in contemporary design... I am turning my head a little so that I get an elusive overview of the works of art surrounding me.

As the room gets louder as it gets latter, my head feels in a dubious state; I feel like leaving the museum and yet wish to stay to watch people watching. I guess I am not one of the hardcore art connoisseurs who sit on this bench to discuss with their partner about the abstract form of William de Kooning’s Woman. To me, an engaged audience can be as interesting as the work of art itself.

中文讀者們, 因為最近忙著公事無法挪出時間將此篇文章翻譯成中文, 對不起了...