In the Mood for Indigo

On the market in Sa Pa, Vietnam, I strolled down the narrow alleys among a crowd of indigenous women in different shades of blue.

Suddenly there were these Black H'mong girls in front of me. They seemed enchanted by the sky, gazing upon it solemnly, as if there was a god smiling at them.

When the rice-scented breeze rustled through their tribal garb to lap against their sun-kissed skin, I quietly took a picture of them and immersed myself in indigo melancholy.

photo by della, vietnam


In the Mood for White

When it's snow all around, 
you've just got to stay still 
until you get used to the white.

You'd smell the scent of white 
in your hair, 
in your collar, 
in your heart.

photo by della


To All My Loved Ones...

To all my loved ones...

Have fun with "One Mighty Drop", a perfume campaign created by Fragrance Foundation

Love to see your design too!


In the Mood for Night

I woke up in the middle of night. All was silent except the occasional whine of truck tires in the distance. The street lamps lining the shopping street outside cast their artificial light into my room, out of the blue, I thought of J.D. Salinger, the author of The Catcher in the Rye ( 麥田捕手 in Chinese), who dies a few days ago.

"phony" and loneliness and rebellion and adolescent and drunkenness and enigma and idealist and New York and wanderer and stream of consciousness...
He is as dark as night, but smells like teen.
photo by Della Chuang