My Eight Wonders in Goms, Switzerland–––The Walliser Candyfloss #3 / 瑞士Goms的八大驚奇–––阿爾卑斯山的棉花糖 #3

The Walliser Candyfloss
The fur of the Walliser Blacknose 
is like a candyfloss 
tangle in the wind.

My Eight Wonders in Goms, Switzerland–––The Floral Inspiration #2 / 瑞士Goms的八大驚奇–––阿爾卑斯山的花漾靈感 #2

The Floral Inspiration
On the botanical trails in Simplonthere was always something startling in flower, 
regardless of–––

its texture, 

its shape, 

its smell, 

its color.


My Eight Wonders in Goms, Switzerland:The Alpine Air #1 / 瑞士Goms的八大驚奇: 阿爾卑斯山的氣息 #1

The Alpine Air

When I took a deep breath of the dry, invigorating Alpine air, I had a feeling of Utopia–––






My Alpine Summer in Goms, Switzerland 我在瑞士阿爾卑斯山Goms的夏日

If you, like me, have a thirst for creativity and an appetite for hiking, the Alps in summer are an ideal playground.

Summer in the Alps is even more alluring than winter. Yes, the visual drama is almost equally striking, but on tope of that you've got the attractions of the wildlife, the colors, and––for me, the clincher––the intoxicating smell of the glaciers and forests.

Just one walk through the woods, accompanied by the sound of a gushing mountain stream or the melody of the ubiquitous cow, goat and sheep bell, is enough to convince me that I should share my sensory Alpine stories with you.

Please stay tuned for the coming episodes of my Alpine summer in Goms, Switzerland...


Fireworks–the Paintings in the Night Sky

My fascination with fireworks goes back to my childhood on the Chinese Lunar New Year and Moon Festival. As a kid, I was triggered by the sound, light, and smell of the magic of gunpowder. I remember lighting my first firecracker, half excited and half scared, with my eyes wide open. 

Today I feed my passion by watching fireworks. There is art to create a good fireworks display–colors, shapes, and sounds complement one another.  A stunning fireworks design requires a wizard who masters and wields the fleeting art overhead. Mixing science, art and technology, the wizard paints on the big, open nighttime sky with his palettes–chemicals, compounds, and fire.

As much fun as they are to watch, fireworks are equally as challenging to photograph. Here are my shots when I watched Switzerland's Independence Day fireworks in Basel yesterday.