“香水記事”的背後花絮 (二) the story of a perfume: scene 2


Experience: the ambiance of the refreshing, crisp Norwegian wood air.


Experience: white forest flowers covered in mist and drizzled with whispers of
soft, soothing, purifying sensation. 


Experience: Beauty and romance lingers in a mystical, calming forces of woody nature.


此次展覽,我很榮幸有機會能和調香師 Yann Vasnier 合作。Yann 多變性的感受力創作了諸如 Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Donna Karan, Comme Des Garçons 和 Tommy Hilfiger 品牌的香水。

對我來說,詩應該是最能貼切生動地表達香水的意境。也因此我寫了一首詩, 讓人一探 Fifi W 耐人尋味的世界, 也希望藉由它點燃 Yann 在嗅覺上的想像力。這是一個由白色的童話般的感官元素所組成的詩,它編織 Fifi W 的性格,並且娓娓道出了一個香水的故事。

Yann 讀透, 解碼, 再將這首詩化為一種無形的, 美麗的, 飄逸出氤氤香氣的森林。這首詩是這樣寫的:





如果它是一朵花,聞起來像是蘊涵著百合花香的露珠, 而不是艷陽底下的紅玫瑰。

透過了Fifi 的感官世界,希望你會明白外放的感官之美–––––––他們給你一張心靈的圖片。

The Composition: scene 2

In this exhibition, I was glad to have the chance to collaborate with Mr. Yann Vasnier, the perfumer at Givaudan who has brought a versatile sensibility to perfumes for Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Donna Karan, Comme Des Garçons and Tommy Hilfiger.

To me, poetry might seems to be the best way to describe a perfume. I wrote a poem that offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of Fifi W, and used it to ignite Yann’s olfactory imagination. Composed of sensory elements of a white fairytale, the poem weaves the story of a perfume that speaks softly to Fifi’s character.

Yann decoded the poem and illustrated it as an invisible, beautiful way perfume travels in the forest. The poem goes like this:

If I saw it in the dawn, it would be silver with layers of light blue.

If I saw it under the dim moonlight, it would be pearl white.

If I touched it with the tip of a finger, it would feel like feather.

If I took it into my palm, it would escape.

If I tasted it, its texture would be soft.

If I took it between my lips, it refreshes my mouth.

If it were a musical instrument, it would be a piano.

I hope through the sensory world of Fifi, you would understand the beauty of opening up the senses -––  they give your MIND a picture.


“香水記事”的背後花絮 (一) the story of a perfume: scene 1

An Asian girl called Fifi W.

Fifi says: I love nature.
Fifi says: My bare essentials.
Fifi says: I love Cheer Chen.


塗鴉點燃了我們內在的創造力。它不但是一個溝通的工具,也是一個藝術的成型。雖然我通常運用電腦來完成我的設計,但是我必需承認的是, 對於無法傳達冒險與即興創意的電腦繪圖,我是有些許的失望的。


為了吻合這次2011世界設計大會展覽所要表現的童話氛圍,我因此用了塗鴉為媒介來訴說 Fifi W.的故事–––一個住在亞洲,喜歡旅行,也是音樂人陳綺貞的粉絲的女孩。

"和調香師 Yann Vasnier 探索詩中的香水"將是系列之二, 請拭目以待...

Doodling: scene 1

Doodling ignites our inner creativity. It is not just a communication device but also an art form. Although I do most of my design on computer, I confess that much computer-generated illustration disappoints me for its lack of risk and immediacy.

Doodling allows me to escape from the real world and let my mind run free. It also creates a warm, comfy sensation. Whenever I feel down and need a break, I like to look at the drawings of fancy princesses and cute bunnies in the margin of my old school books, and let them bring me back to the innocent, sweet, and happy memories.

To match the fairy-tale ambience of the perfume for my exhibit “The Story of a Perfume” at IDA Congress 2011, I decided to use doodling as a medium to tell the fable of Fifi W.–––An Asian girl who loves travel and is a big fan of Cheer Chen (陳綺貞).

"Exploring the Perfume in a Poem with Yann Vasnier" will be the second. Please stay tuned...


IDA Congress: Della Chuang + Yann Vasnier + 陳綺貞 = 香水記事

left: Della Chuang, center: Yann Vasnier, right: Cheer Chen

當紐約的設計師莊卉家,巴黎的調香師 Yann Vasnier,台北的音樂人陳綺貞這三位來自不同領域的創作人聚在一塊的時後,台北的空氣會散發出什麽樣的創意氣息呢?

日期: 10/22 ––– 10/30, 2011 (10 am –– 6 pm)
地點: 台北世貿展覽館一館D區
主辦單位: 經濟部;台北市政府
執行單位: 台灣設計創意中心
贊助者: 瑞士Givaudan香水香精公司;台北添翼創越工作室台東原愛工坊

When designer Della Chuang, perfumer Yann Vasnier and musician Cheer Chen meet and make magic together, Taipei is a place where imagination and creativity become engaged...

"The Story of a Perfume", my design exhibition collaborated with Mr. Vasnier and Ms. Chen, will be presented at 2011 IDA Congress in Taipei from 10/22 to 10/31. We appreciated the great support from Givaudan, Teamear Music, and Taidong Yuan-Ai Crafts.


"The Story of a Perfume" at 2011 IDA Congress 世界設計大會展覽–––香水記事

Sketched in the studio
十月份除了參與 SephoraFirmenich 在紐約所舉辦香水知覺設計聯展外,我也榮幸地能夠回台共襄2011世界國際設計大會 (International Design Alliance) 的展覽盛舉。

刻意避開閃亮晶瑩的香水瓶及攝人魂魄的廣告陳列,此次展覽將以”說故事” 的方式來介紹香水設計的醞釀過程。在芬芳的氛圍中,訪客將從香水瓶設計草圖與創意槪念看板中體驗出視覺、嗅覺和聽覺之間的創意聯想。


人人皆是造物者。如果我們學會發揮個人的想像力並設身處地地去了解每件事物背後的“創造想法”及“過程”, 那麽我們的生活將會更美好。至少,我是這麽想的...

Apart from Sensorium exhibition by Sephora and Firmenich in New York, I’ll participate in the design expo at International Design Alliance (IDA) World Congress, the most authoritative international design event of the world. Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is appointed as the host of IDA Congress in 2011.

Eschewing polished perfume bottles and slick advertisements, my exhibition showcases the creative process of perfume design through a story of an Asian girl. The audience will experience the creative connections between the themes of "visual", "scent", and "music", and how they fuse into a set of perfume bottle sketches and concept boards.

The creativity of perfumes is a quality that is highly valued, but not always well understood. Using more spontaneous, expressive, and less inhibited ways to present a perfume idea, I hope the audience would appreciate the beauty of the creative process of all design principles.

Everything is created by somebody. If one could learn to imagine, in any given thing, the “creator’s thoughts” and the “process”, it might lead to a better life. At least, that’s what I think...


Sensorium by Sephora and Firmenich 紐約下城知覺設計聯展

image provided by Firmenich
photo by Arty Westphal
I'm honored to participate in Sensorium, a sensory exhibition presented by the cosmetics retailer Sephora and the well-established perfumes & flavors company Firmenich. I hope, through the lucid dreams from the sensory world,  you'll understand how my KyotEau perfume project was conceived and constructed.

Will touching the KyotEau perfume bottle bring back the emotions Kyoto evokes in you? Please come and visit us in downtown New York.

我很榮幸能夠參與 Sensorium 知覺設計的聯覽。此次聯覽是由在美妝零售業界執牛耳的Sephora和知名的瑞士香水香精公司 Firmenich 所贊助。倘佯在感性卻清晰的展示空間裡, 希望您逐步了解我的香水設計––– KyotEau:京都之水 的發想過程及建構組合。

當您的眼睛觸摸了KyotEau:京都之水 的香水瓶您的京都之情是否因此冉冉而生呢?我們邀請您前來紐約下城親身體驗。


Worthwhileness 值得的寶貝

Walking in the Swiss Alps

It rained and the sun came back out. I kept walking until I saw the splendid rainbows across the misty sky.

Often, worthwhileness must be justified by persistence.




The Elegiac Sound of Cicadas 哀傷的蟬聲

Cicadas don’t sing on a cold day, but today I heard them chirping out in my backyard. They sounded like an elegy for September 11, 2001.



Inspired by Inrō

An inro collection from British Museum
I enjoy contemplating the beauty of inrō (Japanese:印籠) for their high art and immense craftsmanship. I love the feel, the smoothness, the detailed incisions that give them life and expression. Made of a variety of materials, including wood, ivory, bone, and lacquer, they provide me invaluable inspiration while designing a fine object, especially a perfume bottle.

An inrō is a traditional Japanese case for holding small objects, such as medicines, identity seals, tobacco and pipes. The stack of boxes is held together by a cord that runs through cord runners down one side, under the bottom, and up the opposite side. The ends of the cord are secured to a netsuke (Japanese: 根付), a toggle that is passed between the sash and pants and then hooked over the top of the sash to suspend the inrō. The making of an inro is a highly-skilled process, as each compartment has to fit smoothly into the next. They figured importantly as signs of status in the upper-class male wardrobe in Edo Period.

As an advocate of high-art aesthetics, I was pleased to see some marvelous inro at “A Sensibility to the Seasons: Summer and Autumn in Japanese Art “, an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Exquisite and elegant, they were filled with pools of light shining through inviting you to appreciate–––the artistry within Edo society of the time.


Watch People Watching 觀看觀眾

I am standing somewhere in the stuffy “Talk To Me” exhibition room in MoMA. Too tired to focus my attention on nearly 200 objects, all centered on interaction, and emphasized how the need to share information and have a dialogue with audiences in contemporary design... I am turning my head a little so that I get an elusive overview of the works of art surrounding me.

As the room gets louder as it gets latter, my head feels in a dubious state; I feel like leaving the museum and yet wish to stay to watch people watching. I guess I am not one of the hardcore art connoisseurs who sit on this bench to discuss with their partner about the abstract form of William de Kooning’s Woman. To me, an engaged audience can be as interesting as the work of art itself.

中文讀者們, 因為最近忙著公事無法挪出時間將此篇文章翻譯成中文, 對不起了...


104˚F, New York

In summers, my spirit usually lifts when someone suggests “let’s eat outdoors”. Imagine this: a long wooden table with some chairs set up under the trees, in a pavilion, or on the grass, laden with pressed polk–dot napkins, vibrant salads, bottles of Chianti, fresh bread that tears easily, and platefuls of cantaloups at the stage between ripe and ruin...

But when it’s 104˚ F outside, I’d prefer forgo dining al fresco.

While I’m sitting at my desk typing these words, I can only try to lose myself for a while in my memories of the icy Finland. Cool...

在夏天裡,每次聽到有人建議來個戶外聚餐時, 我總是神采飛揚、高興得像個小黃蜂。讀者們, 請這樣想像著:在樹蔭下, 在小亭子裡, 或是在绿草上, 被幾張椅子圈圍的長木桌上擺了折好的小圓點圖案的紙巾、多采多樣的沙拉、意大利 Chianti 紅酒、新鮮柔軟的麵包, 和滿滿一盤有點過度熟透的蜜瓜...

可是外面是 華氏104˚ 的天氣, 我寧可放棄戶外用餐的閒情意致。

此時正在敲打鍵盤寫這篇短文的我, 只能嚐試將自己帶入芬蘭的冰涼回憶裡。 嗯, 真清爽!


Ladybugs for the Summer 夏日裡的瓢蟲

No time for holidaying this summer, sadly; I have to get an interesting design project going and prepare for my two exhibitions in September and October.

But if I can manage to take a short break, I would like to lying on a lavender-scented blanket having a deep coma; reading a bit; back to coma. I don’t like to think too much in the summer so, in terms of my idea of a summer getaway, maybe observing ladybugs in the garden and enjoying the sensation when it tickles me between my fingers.

Aren’t ladybugs the best?


瓢蟲最棒了, 不是嗎?



What makes me feel happy? 什麽是讓我快樂的事情?

Outside, the swirling clouds on the top of the Alps were clearing away. Inside the study, I finally finished the design project from hell.

To clear up my tired mind and to release the tension held in my neck and shoulders, I’d try some tips to have my endorphin fix –––

1.Take a long walk in a green park.

2. Enjoy a cup of Taiwanese tea while listening to Bach’s music.

3. Take a lavender relaxing bath.

4. Sniff some citrus (fresh lemons and limes from the kitchen).

5. Have a good laugh from watching my favorite cartoons, i.e, Chibi Maruko-chan (櫻桃小丸子, ちびまる子ちゃん)and The Simpsons.
But what works the best for me is to enjoy a creative, full-flavored meal with fresh ingredients.

I like food. When I eat I feel happy.


為了清理我疲乏腦袋的思絡、解脫我的脖子和肩膀上暫掛的緊張,我會試著用不同的方式來調理我的身心靈 –––



三 、泡著有薰衣草味道的鬆弛浴。

四、聞聞柑橘科類的植物 (如廚房裡的新鮮檸檬)


不過話說回來, 對我最有用的偏方卻是享用一頓帶有創意、風味十足的新鮮膳食。



Would you stop tickling me? 可不可以停止搔癢呢?

The sweet scent of peonies coiled with the fresh breeze coming from the Lake of Geneva, dancing around in and out of the garden. With the full hum life of bees in the background, I was in the garden and observed insects and plants–––one of my favorite things to do in the lazy Saturday afternoons. Again, I was in the mood to compose a Haiku, a Japanese poem...

Would you stop tickling me?

I am thirsty too,

This spring afternoon.

我在蜜蜂嗡嗡作響的花園裡觀察著昆蟲和植物, 這可是我每逢懶散的星期六下午最喜歡做的事情之一。牡丹花甜美的香氣夾帶著來自瑞士日內瓦湖的清新微風在花園裡舞進舞出,這時又想再做上一首日本俳句…





A Drinker’s Haiku 飲酒人的俳句

While walking through the vineyards in Burgundy, I spontaneously composed a Haiku for fun:

Even in Burgundy,

how I long for Burgundy

when the Pinot Noir grapes drop.






Lomo Me

by Zone Hou

by Zone Hou

by Zone Hou

The photographs of Henry Cartier Bresson inspired me to take up street photography. I often carry my Canon 5D around the world with only one lens and without flash. I like to observe and click life on the street, and share the beauty of everyday moments.

Although I fall in love with photography that depicts a scene realistically, I appreciate others’ applications of art to photography. I’m here to show you some photos taken by my very charismatic girlfriend Zone Hou during our visit to Xin Tian Di, Shanghai. Judging by the photos with oversaturated colors, fisheye lens and some other special effects, she is definitely a passionate advocate for lomography.

是法國攝影師 Henry Cartier Bresson 的作品讓我開始涉足街頭攝影。不用閃光、只固定用一個鏡頭,我時常帶著我的佳能5D照像機繞著地球跑。只因為我喜歡透過鏡頭觀察街頭人生, 並且與人分享美麗生命的時時刻刻、點點滴滴。

我熱愛純粹的寫實攝影,但我也欣賞運用另類藝術技術的攝影作品。在此和你們分享我知性迷人的女友 Zone Hou 所拍的作品,那時我們正在上海的新天地蕩遊。從照片上過度飽和的色彩、魚眼鏡頭 及其它特殊效果來判斷,她可是不折不扣的 lomography擁護者。


The Most Beautiful Things 最美麗的事物

Traditional shoes I found in the old district in Shanghai

They are for stories
about things of long ago.

They are for giving you
nice memories to keep...

But most importantly of all,
they’re the most beautiful things all on their own.



但最重要的, 他們的真誠不做作才是最美麗的事物。


In Cheng Huang Miao, the City God Temple of Shanghai 在上海城皇廟裡

I saw this man in an ancient Chinese costume–––
I was thinking about what he was thinking about.



Tian Zi Fang, the fragrance to the stage 田子坊,粉墨登場的明星味。

What pulled me into the labyrinth-like Tian Zi Fang at night wasn’t the stylish fashion boutiques or the modern art galleries, but the smell that I can relate to the women who've waxed nostalgic over the fragrance's reference to the stage, having been an actress in my childhood.

夜訪迷宮似地田子坊。吸引我注意的不是流行精品小店也不是現代藝廊, 而是一層抹上懷舊氛圍的氣味,讓我聯想起孩提時代的女演員在粉墨登場時所散發的明星味。


Smell of the Past in Shanghai 老上海的味道

JinXian Road (進賢路

While strolling around the alleys of Lu Pu district, Puxi, just west of Shanghai, I was confronted by what nostrils register as an odor of the past, for it is a rare thing these days to encounter the hanging clotheslines with a trail of detergent smell in public spaces.



My First Impression of Shanghai 與上海的第一次接觸

Shanghai is blanketed with a thin layer of tissue–––
the greyish air, the powdery flavor.

灰灰的空氣, 粉粉的味道。


How to Get to Know Taiwan in Five Days 如何在五天之內認識台灣

traditional market in Jiali, Tainan
traditional market in JiaLi, Tainan
AnXi night market in Jiali, Tainan
AnXi night market in JiaLi, Tainan
In my humble opinion, the best way to understand the vernacular culture of Taiwan is to visit traditional markets and night markets.

Well, the tip actually applies to any places in the world.

依我個人的淺見, 如何在短短的五天內認識台灣本土的風格是–––逛市場和遊夜市。

嗯, 我實際上就是用這個撇步遊走世界的。


The Smell of China 中國的味道

The chrysanthemum, is one of the four symbolic seasonal flowers in China (the others are being the orchid for spring, the bamboo for summer, and the plum blossom for winter.) It’s the symbolic of nobility and was first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC.

I use a big yellow or white incurved chrysanthemum to bring the fall season home. Either alone or pairing with similarly colored flowers, its result can often be exquisitely visual, and its woodsy fresh scent always reminds me of the English author R H Blyth’s Haiku, "Infinity grasped in the hand, before the eyes, the hammering of a nail, the touch of cold water, the smell of chrysanthemums, the smell of this chrysanthemum."

And the smell of China.


Confucius Temple Red 孔廟紅

In western cultures, red color symbolizes sexual energy, youth, vivacity and stimulation. Red is power, hence the red power ties for business people and the red carpet for celebrities. 
But red has its more serious side in Chinese culture. Chinese red denotes happiness and prosperity and may be used to attract good luck. Red flag, red lantern, red wedding, red Spring festival couplets... Red is the living color of China!

The Chinese red can be red like vermillion, brick, or the national flag. I personally prefer the red with earth tone highlights, an elegant color like the red wall of Confucius temple in Tainan, Taiwan. The Confucius temple red sumptuously indicates richness, power, and noble and is used to honor the great Chinese thinker and social philosopher Confucius (551- 479BC).


The Art on the Swallow Tail Roof 燕尾脊屋頂上的藝術品

My favorite street in Tamsui, Zhen Li street (淡水真理街)

Green with the drip of dew and rain,

the moss address itself like art on the roof

with curved swallow tail ridge ends.





Pray for Japan 替日本祈福

Dear friends, while we're worry about should the Japanese radioactive fallout reach our shores, let's pray for the survivors of the tsunami and the people who are threatened by the ongoing nuclear crisis.

How to help:
American Red Cross
Japanese Red Cross Society
The Red Cross of The Republic of China
Red Cross Society of China
The Salvationarymyusa.org




Tamsui in Rain 雨中的淡水

Tamsui without rain

is like something without...

something else





It Can Be Cold in Taipei. 台北是可以很冷的。

cold in Mandarin

I almost forgot how cold it can be in Taipei...

Regardless of the occasional drizzle and misty wind, I set out to rediscover the city where I used to live. Like a little curious child, my eyes moved from banyan fig to colorful signage to gardenia to roasted sweet potato to temple to Taipei 101 building to incense to coffee shop to osmanthus. I kept walking and searching for the the familiar smell until the sound of school kids' voices filled the late afternoon air on Tun-Wha North Road.

I stepped into Eslite Bookstore and was happy to find my favorite Japanese musician Sakamoto Ryuichi's book "Musik macht frei'. Suddenly I forgot it can be cold in Taipei...


為了重新認識這個我曾居住的城市, 就暫時不管那才下又停的綿綿細雨和濕答答的寒風。像個好奇的小孩,我的眼睛悠遊在榕樹, 多彩的看板, 栀子花, 烤蕃藷, 寺廟, 台北一零一大樓, 香火,咖啡館, 桂花樹。我行行復行行地尋找那熟悉的味道, 直到孩童放學的嬉鬧聲填滿了敦化北路。