In the Mood for Rain

The raindrops on the windows in my New York apartment were like strings of pearls. Eyeing them in a melancholic mood, I suddenly thought of the unusual, endless rain in California where I just visited last week.

The raindrops also reminded me of the rain in the cities where I have visited:
The rain in Kyoto. 
The rain in Hanoi. 
The rain in Paris. 
The rain in Stockholm. 
The rain in Taipei.
The rain in Lausanne.
The rain in Dublin.
The rain in Hong Kong. 
The rain in Lisboa.
Et cetra, Et cetra.

To me, the rain of each city has its own tactile sensation. Take Lisboa as an example: it smells like green olive trees swaying in the breeze and the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean rolling in. 

Photo by Della Chuang, Lisboa.


  1. The endless rain in California . . . wait -- that's not supposed to happen! What about all that endless sunshine?!

  2. Blame global warming... The rain has been following me from europe to us...

  3. Global warming is hitting Brazil so hard that it is scary. Also a warning sign.
    I made a list of fragrances to whiff the blues away.
    The rain in Sao Paulo - north seashore has the smell of green foliage, mud and a touch of saline notes. The rain in the city has the smell of pollution, corruption and concrete.

  4. "Pollution, corruption, and concrete." I wonder how a talented perfumer can translate these words into a wearable perfume...It should be a breakthrough in the industry, since there're too many cliche ideas in the fragrance marketing...